Ringette Canada By-Laws and Policies

Ringette Canada By-Laws



Appeal Policy

Athlete Registration, Eligibility & Transfer Policy

Coaching Certification Policy

Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy

Committees Policy

Competitions Policy

Concussion Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Definitions Policy

Discipline and Complaints Policy

Dispute Resolution Policy

Equity and Access Policy

Event Bid Selection Policy

Executive Limitations Policy

Female coach on the bench Policy

Financial Policy

Hall of Fame & Volunteer Recognition Policy

High Performance Program Policy

Human Resources Policy

Language Policy

Logo Policy

Managers Certification Policy

Membership Policy

Officials Policy

Officials Selection Policy

Playing Rules Development Policy

Privacy Policy

Screening Policy

Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Use Policy

Trans-Inclusion Policy



ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING LOCATION POLICY                                                                        REPEALED 2014

ATHLETE REGISTRATION POLICY                                                                                                      REPEALED 2012

FINANCE AND MANAGEMENT POLICY                                                                                              REPEALED 2013

MULTIPLE OPTION VOTING POLICY                                                                                                   REPEALED 2014

POLICY DEVELOPMENT POLICY                                                                                                           REPEALED 2014

PROMOTIONS, MARKETING & SPONSORSHIP POLICY                                                                 REPEALED 2014

TRAVEL POLICY (please see Financial Policy)                                                                                       REPEALED 2015

INTERNATIONAL PLAY POLICY                                                                                                              REPEALED 2016

INTERPROVINCIAL/INTERTERRITORIAL PLAY POLICY                                                              REPEALED 2017



Provincial Associations