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How Ringette is played...

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Why play Ringette?

  • Ringette emphasizes team play over individual stardom.
  • Deliberate contact is prohibited.
  • Ringette offers competition at every skill level - recreational leagues, elite leagues, high school, University, National Ringette League and International competition
  • Ringette strongly promotes the physical learning principles of Long Term Athlete Development.
  • Ringette seeks to develop each individual to their maximum potential as an athlete and as a person.

Who plays Ringette?

  • EVERYONE – girls and boys, men and women, pre-schoolers to seniors!

Where can I play Ringette?

  • ANYWHERE there is an arena – or a gym.
  • Can't find a league or a team? Start one. We'll help you.

What equipment do I need?

Who can I contact?

  • Nationally – Ringette Canada (
  • Provincially – Your Provincial Sport Organization: See links at the bottom of this page

Where can I try Ringette?

  • Find a Come Try Ringette event near you! Click HERE.


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