Let’s Play Gym Ringette

Gym ringette is a refinement of gym floor sports that have been played since at least the 1950s, and probably before that. In its most elemental form, floor hockey was originally played with broomsticks, a felt and leather ring, and few, if any rules. In some respects, particularly the equipment, current Special Olympics floor hockey is a direct descendant of that original sport. Ringette’s rules and team-play concepts transfer particularly effectively to the gymnasium floor:

  • gym ringette is an excellent co-ed activity, that requires both finesse and strategy;
  • gym ringette builds fitness. Players must rely on agility, speed and endurance;
  • gym ringette helps players develop core physical literacy skills – strength, balance, flexibility, agility, and muscular co-ordination; and
  • gym ringette develops co-operation with teammates, socialization, and healthy competition.

Gym ringette provides a highly active, participatory, low cost, structured physical education activity that provides students with a fun co-ed activity to enjoy, regardless of age, strength or size. A Let’s Play Gym Ringette program can also be a key component of the growth strategy for a local ringette association because the more young people that are exposed to ringette, the more new players will want to play the game.

Ringette Canada has developed a Teacher’s Guide for Gym Ringette, which can be downloaded  here [pfd] here. For additional information please contact Ringette Canada’s Sport Development Coordinator at stephanie@ringette.ca.

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