A Tribute to a Cherished Friend

A Tribute to a Cherished Friend

Alayne Martell

We find ourselves in a place of profound sadness as we struggle with the news of Alayne’s

A tenacious champion for our sport, she devoted 22 years of her professional life to what she
saw as more of a calling than a job. Creative, reliable, and propelled by an enduring sense of
mission, Alayne did as much as anyone in this country to raise the profile of ringette and to
celebrate the accomplishments of our athletes.

Most of all, she brought passion, authenticity and a delightful sense of humour that endeared
her to anyone and everyone she met. Alayne was one of those special people who truly
listened, who made you feel valued and appreciated, and who always left you smiling.
There is a unique intensity to the pain we’re feeling. We have lost more than a colleague, more
than an ally. Alayne was a friend.

A friend to the game, whose passion for ringette was boundless and infectious.
A friend to the athletes, who were winners every day through Alayne’s dedication and
commitment to her sport and her craft.

A friend to each of us who had the good fortune to work with her, to witness her work ethic, to
share a laugh and, most of all, to simply enjoy her company.

A true professional. A devoted mother. A proud Cape Bretoner.

And a cherished friend to us all.

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