Ringette Canada is seeking volunteers to serve on its Board of Directors for terms beginning on September 23, 2018.

Board Information Package

Board of Directors

Daniel Dussault – President
Angie Milbury – Director
David Master  – Director
Heather Konkin – Director
Derek Hughes – Director
Nicole Phillips – Director
Katie Pagnello – Director
Darrell Liebrecht – Director
Sarah Bernard-Lacaille – Athlete Director

The Ringette Canada Board of Directors consists of nine elected Board members who have been given the powers, duties and functions as outlined in the Ringette Canada By-Laws to help govern the affairs of Ringette Canada.  The nine members consist of the President, seven Directors at large, and an Athlete Director.

Ringette Canada has prepared the following Board Orientation Manual to help guide new Board members, and also give those who may be interested in joining the Board a glimpse into the overall governance model of Ringette Canada.






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