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Expense Claim Form

Please complete the expense claim form below. All receipts must be scanned and submitted by email to, or mailed to the Ringette Canada office.

To receive a PDF of this form, please send your request to
For a list of guidelines, please click here.

    Your Name (required)

    Your Address (required)

    City (required)

    Province (required)

    Postal Code (required)

    Purpose of Travel (required)

    Your Email (required)

    Your Telephone (required)

    Information required for your EFT (Bank Deposit)

    Travel Details


    Home to Destination

    Date of Departure (required) yyyy-mm-dd

    Time of Departure (required)
    Time of arrival (required)

    Destination to Home

    Date of Return (required) yyyy-mm-dd

    Time of Departure (required)
    Time of arrival (required)

    Travel Expense

    Please only enter numbers

    Air or rail (receipts required)

    Accommodation (receipts required)

    Car Rental (requires prior approval and receipts)

    Parking, taxis (receipts required)

    Baggage Fees

    Private motor vehicle

    km x $0.55


    Please only enter numbers

    Full Day ($75.00 per)

    x $75

    Breakfast ($15.00 per)

    x $15

    Lunch ($20.00 per)

    x $20

    Dinner ($40.00 per)

    x $40

    Incidentals ($10 per / Canada) ($20 per / Outside of Canada)
    This may be claimed for every night spent away from home, while travelling.

    Administrative Expense
    (Original Receipts Required), Please only enter numbers



    Printing and Photocopy

    Stationary and Supplies


    Total Expenses Claimed (required)

    Attach Receipts

    Upload your receipts here. Maximum size per receipt 1.5MB.

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    Please upload all your receipts in one .zip file. Maximum file size 15MB.

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