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We are very excited to be the title sponsors of the 2017 National Ringette Championships.  At Freson Bros. our passion for food and providing a great shopping experience is only outweighed by our commitment to families and the communities in which we operate.  Our brand values of family, community and heritage are the guiding principles for how we run our stores and our business.


We are a family run and family focused business.  We try each and every day to find ways to make your family’s life better, and being involved with youth sport is one aspect where we can achieve this goal.

Freson Bros. truly understands the impact and benefit sports can play in the lives of our youth today.  Sport is an international language; events like the 2017 Ringette National Championships assist in shaping the sport elites of tomorrow.  Longitudinal studies have shown children and youth who play sports achiever higher results academically, have increased self confidence and self esteem, stronger peer relationships and a greater involvement with family and community.  For us at Freson Bros. to support an outlet that produces so many positive benefits for youth today, well it’s an easy decision to make!

Everyday we see our parking lots turn into practice grounds for kids, grocery aisles turn into last minute championship goal opportunities – and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

We wish all competing athletes the best of luck and look forward to the games in 2017.

Mike Lovsin, Chairman

Freson Bros.


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