High Performance Summit

In January 2016 Ringette Canada initiated a conversation on the status of high performance ringette in Canada. The result of this conversation is the decision to host  a national Summit. From August 26th to 28th Ringette Canada will bring together a diverse group of 20 individuals to Ottawa who collectively will start the conversation of how best to shape the future of high performance ringette in Canada.

Selecting the participants was no easy task. We took into consideration many factor to ensure a diversity of perspectives, knowledge, regional experience, and roles. We are grateful to the participants for accepting our invitation as they are not only helping to design the vision for Ringette Canada’s High Performance Plan but more importantly have agreed to help bring it to life.

Following the 2-day High Performance Summit, a report that summarizes the key findings will be shared with the ringette community. Above and beyond the contributions of the Summit participants, we will be actively engaging other ringette enthusiast through surveys, dialogues, webinars and meetings throughout the upcoming season.

A high performance plan will then be developed that builds upon the foundational work of the Summit and feedback from our stakeholders.

Summit Guest speakers

Catriona Le May Doan
3 time Olympic medalist, Speed Skating

Lane MacAdam
Director, Partnerships and Operations – Own the Podium

Summit Participants

Barb Bautista Senior National Team Head Coach
Lorrie Horne Junior National Team Head Coach
Andrea Ferguson Senior National Team Athlete, Canada Games Coach (Manitoba), Junior National Team Assistant Coach
Annie Debaji Junior National Team Athlete, NRL athlete (Edmonton WAM!)
Colleen Hagan Senior National Team Athlete, NRL athlete (Gloucester Devils), Canada Games Coach (Ontario)
Dave Myers Executive Director of Ringette Alberta
David Jones NRL director of officials, NRL official, World Championship official
Jackie Gaudet Senior National Team Athlete, NRL athlete (Cambridge Turbos), Team Canada East Assistant Coach
Jen Hartley Senior National Team Athlete, NRL athlete (Edmonton WAM!, Ottawa Ice)
Jenny Snowdon Junior National Team Athlete, NRL athlete (Atlantic Attack)
Keely Brown* Senior National Team Athlete, co-owner of 5-Count Goalies
Laralie Higginson Executive Director of Ringette Manitoba
Lindsey Lovse NRL committee member, NRL Team GM (Calgary RATH)
Michel Latendresse Ringuette Québec board member, Canada Games program lead
Nicole Robb Technical Director BC Ringette, NRL official
Sarah Bernard-Lacaille NRL Athlete (LSL Adrenaline), Team Canada East athlete
Shelly Coolidge CIS Hockey coach, NRL assistant coach (Gloucester Devils)
Stephanie Laurin Team Canada and Mosaic program Team Leader
Yvon Brault NRL GM (Gatineau Fusion), NRL review committee lead, Local association president
 *unable to attend

Ringette Canada Staff, Consultants and Summit Facilitator

Frances Losier –  Director of High Performance, Ringette Canada
Natasha Johnston –  Executive Director, Ringette Canada
Nathalie Müller –  Technical Director, Ringette Canada
Douglas Duncan – CS4L/LTAD Consultant

Summit Facilitator:
Dina Bell-Laroche – Sport Law & Strategy Group
BJ, MA, Integral Master Coach™

Provincial Associations