The 1960’s

  • 1963:   Sam Jacks invents what we know today as “ringette.” Jacks, the late director of parks and recreation for North Bay, introduced the game to the Society of Directors of Municipal Recreation of Ontario.
  • 1963:   Red McCarthy, recreation director for Espanola, is asked to experiment with the basic set of Ringette rules by the Society of Directors of Municipal Recreation of Ontario (SDMRO).
  • 1963-64: Original rules are experimented with in several Northern Ontario communities, including Espanola, where an Espanola high school women’s hockey team plays the first ringette game.
  • 1964:   Original rules of ringette introduced to Quebec (Mount Royal) by Herb Linder, a personal friend of Sam Jacks.
  • 1964:   First complete set of rules for ringette is composed.
  • 1966:   First ringette community associations formed in Sudbury and North Bay.
  • 1967:   Ringette is introduced to Manitoba, in Fort Garry.
  • 1969:   Ontario Ringette Association, the first ringette provincial sport governing body, is formed.

Provincial Associations