National Implementation

  • Each provincial ringette organization is responsible for setting their own implementation timeline. Many are moving forward faster than the national timeline.  See provincial implementation.
  • Small-area games will be played across the country during the 2018/19 season, with small differences in order to identify best practices for game design. Differences will include:
      • Size of the playing surface (not to exceed half the ice surface)
      • Number of players on the ice
      • Size of nets
      • Goaltending options (no goalie, rotating goalie, designated goalie)
      • Modified rules, including number of passes, shift lengths etc.
  • Ringette Canada has produced a Jamboree Guide which outlines a number of playing options. This guide is a working document that will form the basis of more formal guidelines to be put in place for the 2019/2020 season.
  • In coordination with Ringette Canada, provincial ringette organizations will work with local organizations to gather feedback from players, parents, coaches and organizers on their experiences this year. This will be done using a series of standard surveys.
  • Where possible, it is requested that games be videotaped so that feedback collected can be compared to actual game play, with some events being used for more in-depth analysis related to player engagement.
  • The aim of this data collection is to gather information about which programs are most effective, in an effort to create national consistency in developmental outcomes, while providing flexibility at the local level.

Provincial Associations