Ringette ABC Program

The Ringette ABC program is based on basic Long Term Athlete Development principles and offers a mechanism and guidelines for skill development recognition. This program will evolve and offer additional initiatives in future seasons. The program was developed using Baseball Canada’s Rally Cap Program in addition to existing ringette initiation programs as benchmarks, and by adding new ideas in order to create increased interest for participants.

A progress evaluation structure called Ringette ABC Days has been developed along with a skills progression checklist and recognition items (bandanas).

Ringette ABC focuses on acquisition and development of the following skills:

  • Skating
  • Passing
  • Receiving
  • Shooting
  • General knowledge

During the season, teams will work on the 5 FUNdamentals of ringette. Coaches are encouraged to set up their practice plans in a way to maximise the athletes’ opportunity to develop the specific ABC skills. At least two official Ringette ABC Days will occur during the season. During these events, the participants will have an opportunity to perform different tasks they have learned in order to earn a coloured ringette ABC bandana. During the Ringette ABC Day event, all participants will go through stations where they will perform different tasks and when a participant succeeds at each task at a particular level, he/she will be awarded an appropriate coloured bandanna.

Ringette ABC resources are available free for download here. Bandanas and printed copies of the report cards are available through provincial ringette associations.

For additional information please contact Ringette Canada’s Sport Development Coordinator at stephanie@ringette.ca.

Provincial Associations