Ringette Canada announces 5-Count Ringette Goalie scholarships

Ottawa, Ontario – December 9, 2014 – Ringette Canada today announced a new scholarship, the 5-Count Ringette Goalie Scholarship, which recognizes and rewards ringette goalkeepers. Starting this season, two scholarships in the amount of $250 each, will be awarded annually to registered players who are actively playing as a goalkeeper and to be used for a unique opportunity that will benefit them as a goalie, their team, and/or ringette in general. The scholarships have been made possible through the support of Keely Brown, Heather Konkin and the program they co-own, 5-Count Ringette Goalie Instruction.

“Heather and I are really excited to be starting this award specifically for ringette goalies,” said Keely Brown. “We have enjoyed our years of playing goal and instructing ringette goalies so much, and it is important to us (and 5-Count) to take time to give back to the ringette community that has supported both of us over the years.”

Bios on Keely Brown and Heather Konkin, as well as full details on how to apply for the 5-Count Ringette Scholarship can be found here: https://ringette.ca/en-us/athlètes/scholarshps/5countringettegoalieinstruction.aspx

“We are very grateful to Keely, Heather and their 5-Count Ringette Goalie Instruction program for their generous support with these new scholarships,” said Daniel Dussault, chair of the Ringette Canada board. “It is great to see lifelong athletes turn around and give back to the sport that has meant so much to them.”

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