1996 World Ringette Championship Team

Team Canada 1996


The 1996 world ringette championship team defeated Finland 6-5 in overtime to win gold.

The team was made up of athletes: Tamara Anderson, Jennifer Wood, Lisa Brown (captain), Maria (McKenzie) Thompson, Michelle Ethier, Jeanette Cook, Heather Gregg, Jacinda Chomik, Jennifer Willan, Laura Warner, Michelle MacKinnon, Tawny Lipinski, Shelley Potter, Tracy Crowe, Shelley Reynolds, Kari Sadoway, Jennifer Rogers, Leanne Fedor, Kara Ericksen and Carly Ross and a team staff which included Lyndsay Wheelans (head coach), Phyllis Sadoway (assistant coach), Deb Marek (assistant coach), Blair Whitmarsh (mental skills coach), Lorrie Horne (trainer) and Warren Hanney (manager).

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