Nelson Ball

Nelson Ball was instrumental in the creation of ringette’s sport governing body and the implementation of its early technical programs.
His involvement began in the fall of 1975, when he attended an organizational meeting in Toronto to establish Ringette Canada. At that time, he was appointed Ringette Canada’s first Vice-President and Government Liaison. He served in that capacity for six years. During his role as government liaison, Ball lobbied extensively to receive federal funding in order to establish a national office and to initiate the first national ringette championships.

Ball was also instrumental in that he created the first Ringette Canada Policy Manual which would provide national standards for the Ringette Canada membership. Later, in a move that would prove beneficial for Ringette Canada’s technical programs, Ball revised the structure of the Board of Directors. The change would allow for technical people to serve on the board and voice their opinions on the direction of the sport.

In 1981, Ball left his government liaison position to turn his focus on technical programs, namely officiating. He worked efficiently to make the officiating program a reality. Ball assembled a group of people to produce technical resources and generally recharged and rekindled Ringette Canada’s officiating program. Through his contacts and his negotiating skills Ball was able to find funding to finally implement the officiating program.

Nelson Ball’s involvement at the grass roots level has also been impressive. Ball is a founding member of both the Alberta and New Brunswick provincial associations. Ball also played a role in reorganizing the Fredericton Association to encompass the younger age groups. He currently resides in Waterford, New Brunswick.

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