Senior national team program

Senior national team staff

Barb Bautista – Head coach


General Registration

  • General registration through Ringette Canada ensures that an athlete’s name will be submitted for consideration to receive an invitation to training weekends and selection camp.
  • It is assumed that athletes who have committed to playing in the National Ringette League have passion and commitment to the sport and would welcome an invitation to attend the Team Canada selection camp. However, it is still in each athlete’s best interest to confirm by registering on the Ringette Canada website.
  • Registration is open to all age-appropriate athletes.

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Talent Identification

Senior National Team athlete identification will be done based on NRL season scouting during the 2016-17 season to culminate in a final selection camp in May of 2017.  All teams will be seen at least once, either in person or via game video analysis.

When scouts are present for NRL games, it is expected that athletes be available to meet with the National Team staff following the game that has been scouted. The request will be made by the scout through the team General Manager or Head coach.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for selection to the 2017 Women’s National Team for the World Ringette Championship, a female athlete:

  • Must be a member in good standing with her club association and an athlete in good standing with Ringette Canada; and
  • Must be registered with, or certified by, Ringette Canada; and
  • Must be eligible to represent Canada in World Championship. This requires that an athlete be a citizen of Canada
  • As per IRF rules athletes must be born on or before December 31st, 2001 to compete in the 2017 World Championship


Tryouts for the senior national team are typically held on a yearly basis with most tryout camps being closed/invitation only.

At a tryout camp athletes can expect:

  • To complete fitness testing: Maintaining fitness is key going into the camp as it improves the athlete’s ability to perform consistently at a high performance level and also helps to reduce the potential for injury.
  • Be evaluated in both their primary and secondary positions


Any athlete trying out should be able to meet the minimum standards of both positional skills and fitness testing requirements.

Tryouts also afford athletes the opportunity to showcase their abilities in inter-squad game situations.

Selection criteria

The senior national team coaching staff and Ringette Canada’s Director of High Performance will establish the selection criteria.

The selection criteria will include:

  • Previous and current performance
  • Experience
  • Positional requirements
  • Present and projected development and/or improvement
  • Leadership/contribution to team chemistry
  • Availability for competition and training

Selection Process

The Senior National Team Program (SNTP) will hold Development camps across Canada during the selection season; and one off-season selection camp in May 2017 to begin preparing for the 2017 World Championships.

Regional Development Camps

These are opportunities for athletes to be seen by National Team coaches in a controlled setting. The purpose of these camps is to introduce potential Senior National Team athletes to the High Performance training environment, to the system play required and to introduce them to what it takes to transition into a High Performance athlete.  

The following development camps are tentative locations and possible dates:

  • TBC – Montreal Regional
  • Nov 26 – Ottawa Regional (CONFIRMED)
  • Dec 4 – Toronto Regional (CONFIRMED)
    • Tomken Twin Arena- 4495 Tomken RD, Mississauga, Ontario (3:15-4:15pm)
    • Iceland Arena – 705 Matheson Blvd. E Mississauga, ON L4Z3X9 (7:15 – 9:15pm)
    • 8:00am – 9:15pm
  • Dec 10 – West regional 1 (Location to be determined to accommodate BC, MB and SK NRL athlete schedules) 
  • Dec 17 – West Regional 2 (Alberta)

Cost: $40 per camp

Camps will include:

  • 1 practice session
  • 1 game (or 2 hour practice session – pending player registration numbers)
  • Classroom sessions

Full evaluations are made based on each athlete’s performance at the camp and consideration will be given to these athletes for selection to Team Canada based on this information.

Transportation, meals and accommodation are the responsibility of each individual athlete for this stage of the National Team process.



All National Team camp fees will be paid via PayPal

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  4.      Click Pay for Goods and Services
  5.      Enter the following in the space provided; Email address:
    1.  Amount: $40
    2.  IMPORTANT – Please include the first and last name of the athlete in the section below the payment amount.
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NRL Championship

National Team scouts will be on-site for the duration of the 2017 NRL Championships. Scouting reports will be completed for most games at this event for the purpose of Senior National Team Selection camp invitations. Additionally, NRL Championship all stars will be selected based on the National Team scouting reports.

Assessment of Athletes

Through the course of the NRL seasons and possibly continuing at the NRL Championships, the SNTP Bench Staff and High Performance Committee will scout and identify the selection pool for our Senior National Team.

This process will include:

  • NRL Coach assessment and scouting reports
  • Previous and Current Video Review of NRL season
  • Previous and Current Video Review of High Performance events
  • Previous World Championship and International events
  • Scouting at NRL games by assigned scouts and National Team Staff

Athletes from the identified 2016 senior national team athlete pool will be eligible to be named to the Senior National Team. Final selection will include consideration for physical and technical aspects of the game as well as overall team dynamics.

Team size

Athletes from the 2017 senior national team athlete pool will be named to the National Team. Factors that will be considered in the final selection include physical and technical aspects of the game as well as team dynamics. Team size is based on strategic plan and tactics for a given season.


Training expectations

In addition to the time spent together during camp, athletes are also expected to adhere to a training program (mental/physical) during on and off-season. The program is prepared specifically for high performance ringette athletes and is reported to the senior team bench staff. Athletes are expected to spend a minimum of 5-7 hours per week training (on and off ice) or as the athletes assigned program dictates.

Regional and specialization camps may be planned to allow athletes and coaches additional time to work together; these camps will provide the opportunity to work on key aspects of the athletes game and to improve their skills under the direction of the coaching staff.

Athlete Monitoring Program – Pilot

For the 2017 Senior National Team program, Ringette Canada will pilot an athlete monitoring program. A pool of athletes will be selected and supported with identified Integrated Support Team – Sport Science, Sport Medicine (IST-SSSM) throughout the competition season leading into the May selection camp. Athletes may be identified to this pool as early as November of 2016.  The classification of these athletes will be based on past National Team performances, an athlete’s potential to meet to SNT selection criteria and their ability to execute the system play that will be required.

*An athlete that does not meet the training or performance requirements may be removed from this pool.

Team Training Schedule

Tentative selection/training camp dates (travel days included)

  • TBC
  • Up to 2 full team training camps (summer and fall 2017)
  • Possibility of domestic competition (new event)
  • Centralization – November 25th-27th*
  • World Ringette Championship – November 28 – December 3, 2017*

*Pending IRF official confirmation of exact competition dates. May vary by one day. 

Competition schedule

National team schedules vary based on the events required each year. The senior national team will typically compete together as a team in team camps and exhibition games leading up to the event and at the World Championship themselves.


The costs will likely be similar to previous programs. Ringette Canada is committed to reducing the costs to the athletes to as little as possible without compromising our ability to compete and achieve our goal.

Regional training weekend – No more than $100 per athlete

May selection camp – $1000 (Selection camp will be set up as a break even camp; any surplus will be redistributed to each attending athlete and athletes named to the team will carry over this amount towards their team fee)

Team fee – To be confirmed by May 1st, 2017 once Ringette Canada overall budget is set.

Ringette Canada’s Director of High Performance and Events will conduct a budget information session with all athletes at the May Selection camp.

Athlete obligations

Once selected to the national team, and to remain a member of the team, athletes shall:

  • Maintain status as a member in good standing with their provincial/territorial ringette association and of Ringette Canada;
  • Under supervision of the national coach, participate in all training programs, competitive activities, evaluation activities and reporting procedures of the Canadian National Team;
  • Comply with the requirements of Ringette Canada Athlete Agreement;
  • Demonstrate commitment to the National Team by maintaining or improving fitness levels and ensuring that competitive performance is maintained at a high standard appropriate for competition at the world championship.
  • Anti-Doping Program:  Athletes must adhere to the 2015 Canadian Anti-Doping Program as adopted by Ringette Canada. National Team Athlete Agreements will include the standard 2016-17 Canadian Anti-Doping Program Adoption Contract. An information session will take place at the May selection camp to outline all aspects of this program and the requirements on athletes and Team Staff.

Failure to satisfy these criteria may result in the athlete being moved to a non-traveling reserve position on the senior national Team or being removed from the senior national team entirely.

Provincial Associations