2002 World Ringette Championship Team

Team Canada 2002

The 2002 world ringette championship team competed on home soil in Edmonton, Alberta and claimed gold in a 3-1 victory over Finland.

The team was made up of athletes: Kim Beach, Sarah Miller, Leanne Ross, Leanne Fedor, Michelle Lemieux, Jacinda Rolph, Carly Ross, Alexis Snowdon, Maria Thompson, Megan Todd, Laura Warner (captain), Michelle Henry, Danielle Hobday, Shelly Hruska, Gaetane Manaigre, Nadia Tomy, Barb Bautista, Keely Brown, Jacqueline Gaudet, Jennifer Gaudet, Jodi Jensen, Melanie Daraiche, Erin Gray, and Marion Clark and a team staff which included Lorrie Horne (head coach); Phyllis Sadoway (assistant coach), Peter Semonick (assistant coach); Blair Whitmarsh (mental skills coach); Connie Klassen (trainer); and Kristin Albo (manager).

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