Rene Trumpler

Rene TrumplerRene Trumpler is one of ringette’s most innovative pioneers and has served the sport in all capacities from on-ice officiating, coaching at the highest levels, to volunteer administration at the local to national and international levels. In addition to winning the most medals as a coach in the history of Gloucester Ringette, his unrelenting efforts to make the game as enjoyable and exciting as possible contributed immeasurably to the advent of the shot clock and the evolution away from red, blue and white sticks.

In addition to pioneering several innovative sport modifications such as the ‘ringette key’, one of Rene’s greatest contributions was as principal author of the inaugural Ringette Sport Development Model which was the most comprehensive analysis of the technical aspects of every skill involved in the sport. He was also involved in the creation and publication of the most authoritative compendium of ringette drills contained and published in the history of the sport in the Ringette Canada Drill Manual.

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