The 1992 world ringette championship team

The 1992 World Ringette Championship Team“The athletes on this world ringette championship team were pioneers in establishing dominance on the international ringette scene,” said Jim Dawson, VP of promotions for Ringette Canada. “It is through their commitment, hard work and dedication that ringette has been able to build on the momentum of these early international competitions and establish its presence worldwide. It is only fitting to honor and commend these athletes by inducting them into our Hall of Fame.”

The 1992 world ringette championship team was comprised of athletes from Canada West who competed in Helsinki, Finland. The team from Canada East won silver and Finland won bronze, while the remaining teams were from the USA, Russia and Sweden. The following is the roster for the 1992 Canada West gold medal team, which includes 11 returning members from the 1990 team (marked by asterisks):

Tamara Anderson (Calgary)
Cindy Annala*
Cara Brown*
Lisa Brown*
Nicole Chapdelaine (Fort Saskatechwan)
Jenny Cook (Calgary)
Susan Curran (Calgary)
Shauna Flath*
Anne Gillespie*
Stacey Hannay (Sherwood Park)
Tammy Ironside (Calgary)
Diana Kondrosky*
Deb Marek*
Tanya Orr*
Holly Reeves*
Shelley Reynolds (Fort Saskatchewan)
Jackie Richards (Calgary)
Jennifer Rogers*
Kristal Zwarych (Calgary)
Lyndsay Wheelans*

Coach: Cheryl Govenlock (Edmonton)
Assistant Coach: Karen White

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