Abilities Centre and Ringette Canada collaborate to build a model for Mixed Ability Ringette

Mixed Ability Sport Continues to Grow with the Introduction of Mixed Ability Ringette

Abilities Centre and Ringette Canada collaborate to build a model for Mixed Ability Ringette.


Abilities Centre and Ringette Canada are thrilled to announce that a formal partnership has been signed to build a model for Mixed Ability Ringette across Canada. The Mixed Ability Sport model has grown on a global scale and was introduced in Canada by Abilities Centre through a formal partnership with International Mixed Ability Sport in February 2020. Mixed Ability Sport represents a radical change to existing sport participation and redefines the way we play by removing classifications and labels linked to disability, age, experience or background. Mixed Ability Sport welcomes all individuals into a mainstream sport setting together as equal and valued members.


Ringette Canada is the first National Sport Organization in Canada to affiliate with Abilities Centre under the banner of Mixed Ability Sport Canada. “Mixed Ability Sport enables us to reimagine and redefine sport participation and Abilities Centre is excited to be entering into a partnership with Ringette Canada to ensure that the sport is accessible to all members of the community” says Kelly Kasper, Director, Sport and Recreation at Abilities Centre.

Inclusive sport programming is not new to the ringette community. Over the past 4 years, Ringette for All (RFA), has been offering programming for children with cognitive and/or physical disabilities who cannot participate on ‘mainstream’ ringette teams. “Ringette for All (RFA) has seen firsthand the positive impact our teams have had on our athletes and their families” says Kim Gurtler, founder of the RFA program. “The sense of belonging that comes from being on a team is unique and should be experienced by all. The partnership between Ringette Canada and Abilities Centre will not only provide additional pathways for participation it will also create a sustainable model for growth across the country and support the creation of additional research informed resources and tools to be used by our coaches and volunteers.”


“Ringette Canada is thrilled to formalize this partnership and to create more opportunities for participation in ringette. Ringette for All programs have been incredibly successful and impactful, and we look forward to working together with Abilities Centre to continue to support these programs and grow inclusive ringette programming across the country” says Erin van Gulik, Safe Sport and Sport Development Manager at Ringette Canada.

Over the next few months, Abilities Centre and Ringette Canada will be developing a model to grow Mixed Ability Ringette across the country with programming set to kick off in the fall.


About Abilities Centre

Abilities Centre’s purpose is to unlock potential through accessibility. By building a better, barrier-free life for all Canadians we can reimagine accessibility and redefine the way that Canadians live, work and play. Their world-class facility and innovation hub is used to co-design, test and scale accessible and inclusive programs of the highest quality and value across Canada. They educate and inform people, through research and storytelling, on the need to celebrate the diverse backgrounds and abilities of all people.


About Ringette Canada

Ringette Canada is the national sport organization that governs, promotes, and leads the development of ringette in Canada. Its documented vision is to be the world leader in growing ringette.


Ringette Canada has defined a core set of business values to enhance their work and strengthen their relationships. Ringette Canada’s operations, discussions, and recommendations will reflect Ringette Canada’s commitment to True Sport and the following “I CARE” business values:

  • Innovation – We invest wisely. We take chances and manage risks.  We are stewards of the game.
  • Collaboration – We are in this together. We include diverse perspectives to enrich our experience. We purposefully create a safe and welcoming work environment.
  • Accountability – When we live our values, we manage and lead with integrity. We operate with transparency and communicate proactively.  We take responsibility for our actions and lean from our mistakes.
  • Respect – For the game. For the rules. For our heritage.  For each other.
  • Excellence – We demand quality. We offer world leading programs and services.  We bring our best to each situation.


About International Mixed Abilities Sport (IMAS)
IMAS is at the forefront of a global movement challenging the orthodoxy of grassroots sports provision. Our vision is to radically change the way we think of, join in and enjoy sports, leading to a fairer and more equal society. Mixed Ability emphasizes regular, frequent and sustainable activities, self-determination, club membership and opportunities for social interaction for everyone. This creates sporting environments that are safe, welcoming and non-judgmental. For more information, please visit www.mixedabilitysports.org

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Territory acknowledgement

While we are a proud Canadian organization, we acknowledge that our head office is located on traditional unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishnaabeg People, and is now home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. Ringette Canada extends our respect to all First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples for their valuable contributions to this land. We are committed to moving forward in the spirit of reconciliation and collaboration.

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