Meet Wowkwis

Say hello to Wowkwis (Whoa-quis), the official mascot for the 2023 Canada Winter Games. Named after the Mi’kmaq First Nations peoples’ word for “red fox,” Wowkwis celebrates the rich history of our province.
A local, who hails from world-famous Rustico, Wowkwis’ favourite colour is turquoise because it resembles the water in the bay, and her favourite sport is ringette.
The mascot will become a national icon for the 2023 Games and will help us celebrate the beauty, warmth, and spirit of our Island.
Wowkwis poses with Myla Doucette at Gulf Shore Consolidated School in North Rustico. Myla won a Nine-year-old Myla won a province-wide mascot design competition last spring. Myla is a ringette player from Rustico Ringette Association Home of the Riptide
Way to go Myla and we can’t wait to see Wowkwis taking in some ringette action during the 2023 Canada Winter Games!
“I decided to do a fox because there is this fox that keeps on going by our house every night,” said Myla, who lives in Anglo Rustico. “Whenever I started drawing it, I decided I was going to make Mi’kmaq because I was thinking of that at the time.
“Of course, I made it winterly because the Canada Games is in the winter, and it’s playing ringette because I love ringette, and I play ringette.”

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