Ringette Canada blends culture and values to attract new partnerships

In today’s competitive sports sponsorship market, it can be easy for companies to choose reach over alignment to an organization’s core values. But holding true to a “culture-first” approach has helped propel Canadian National Sport Organization, Ringette Canada, into a new level of popularity.

‘When we live our values, we manage and lead with integrity. Now, more than ever, companies are looking to form partnerships with organizations that share their principles’, says Jenni Lloyd, Ringette Canada’s Communications, Engagement & Marketing Coordinator.We know that it’s tricky out there. Who you partner with matters. It’s not just you, you’re representing your towns, your cities, your employees and their families. From towns and cities across the nation, partnerships are a key part of continued growth and connection within our Canadian communities.’

Jenni goes on, ‘Ringette Canada is a values first sporting organization that develops leaders and role models. We have a living, breathing culture of shared core values amongst our employees and our wider ringette community.  

When you choose to partner with Ringette Canada you are showing your customers and your community that the ethics of your company are your priority.  You’re not just saying it, you’re backing it with your actions.’


Ringette Canada tries to let their actions do the talking as well:

  • Ringette Canada supports women & girls in sport. They back this by leading by example, with 88% of their office staff and 77% of their Executive Board positions held by females, a positive example for the next generation.
  • Ringette is for everyone – they back this by being the FIRST National Sport Organization in Canada to sign a partnership with Mixed Ability Sport to deliver ‘Ringette for all’. Ringette Canada also leads the sport community in Canada with their trans-inclusion policy to ensure a safe and welcoming space for everyone.
  • Ringette Canada works hard to provide a safe, positive and viable pathway for females to stay within the sport, and progress into long-term leadership positions such as coaching and refereeing. They back this by having an industry-leading ‘female coach on the bench policy, currently 97% of ringette benches across the country have a certified female coach. 75% of our officials are female and work right up to the National Ringette League and World Championships.

At Ringette Canada, our values are “innovation, collaboration, accountability, respect and excellence.” These form the foundation of our culture and are what we stand for as a team. It’s critical that we hold true to these, even in moments of pressure.

Jenni answered a few more questions about her role with Ringette Canada:

What’s the most surprising thing about your job?

‘The unbridled enthusiasm and passion that exists for this sport. The community is truly amazing.  Focusing on how to reach further into the community and also bring new people into the fold has certainly been my focus over the last 12 months. We are trying to be as responsive as possible to make sure Ringette is well-positioned within the amature sport marketplace.  This past year we have come out with a new website, new branding, a new logo, new ways to communicate with our members, a new store, a new tagline, there is so much great stuff going on.’

What is a “culture-first” approach and why is it important?

‘Knowing your value as an organization is a tricky thing’. Says Jenni. ‘We try to judge it best by what we give our time and attention to. Part of our growth is sharing this information with the wider community. Of course, we know Ringette Canada is a National leader on safe-sport, trans-inclusion and female leadership, to name a few, but part of this next phase is making sure that the Canadian public knows that too.’

What are you most excited about right now?

‘We’ve just signed a brilliant partnership with TELUS that I am very excited about. TELUS is a company that really shares our community values and they have been just excellent to work with, a really lovely group of people who are bringing us into the future with our ability to share access to the sport right across the country through their communications channels and their Optik TV network.’ 

What’s the biggest challenge facing National Sports Organizations over the next two to five years and how can they prepare?

‘Many organizations will be questioned about their values and their ethics. Getting your house in order and making sure that your values truly align with what you are actually delivering is key.  For us, we are focused on sharing our story.  Once we get the word out about the great culture that we have at Ringette Canada, the talented and hardworking individuals who share values with us, those who want to build an environment of equity and inclusion, we are certain people will start to take notice. For me, our success is measured by the people we have been able to both attract to the sport and retain. Hearing their stories and how proud they are to play ringette in Canada, that’s when I know we are doing something right.’

To learn more about Ringette Canada please visit their website at ringette.ca

See you on the ice.

Territory acknowledgement

While we are a proud Canadian organization, we acknowledge that our head office is located on traditional unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishnaabeg People, and is now home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. Ringette Canada extends our respect to all First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples for their valuable contributions to this land. We are committed to moving forward in the spirit of reconciliation and collaboration.

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