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Earlier this year, we wrote this piece about the pins on each bronze, silver, and gold medal. They are replicas of the medal itself, meant to be gifted by the winning athlete to someone who has supported their ringette journey, helping them get to that podium moment. Ringette is a team sport, certainly, but that team extends beyond the athletes listed on the roster. It includes coaches, past and present, families, friends, and a whole host of others. 


We followed up with the teams, asking them who they gave their pins to and why. Below, you will find some of their answers, in the athletes’ own words. 


U16 Team Alberta (Calgary Strike)


“I gave one of my pins to my mom. She’s helped in my ringette career since the beginning, and especially this year. She’s always been my biggest cheerleader and has always supported me.  She always gets me to ice times on time and has played a huge role in making healthy meals for me to eat to get the fuel for a game.  She’s helped me get to where I am today.  Giving her my pin was a way of me saying thank you to her.”

  • Jade Sawyer 


“This year at the CRCs I decided to give my pin from my medal to coach Shannon Smith. I learned so much from all my coaches this year, and years passed but the connection I had with coach Shannon was very special. After the final and winning silver I was very emotional and I wanted to express my gratitude to Shannon. I wanted to tell her how happy I was to have been coached by her and having the opportunity to learn so much. Were we both crying when I gave her a pin and all I saw able to say was ‘Thank you for helping me.’  She was such a big part of my growth throughout this season and I’m so grateful.”

  • Hailey Kane


“I gave one of my pins on my medal to my Mom who was also one of my coaches in the 2023-2024 ringette season. There are lots of reasons why I gave her the pin. To start off she was always there to support and give advice. My mom wasn’t afraid to give me feedback after games, then I took her advice and went out and learned from her. Secondly, she was always ready to do whatever it takes to get me to games practices and dryland. She put me and the team ahead of her own needs. She would also do her best to make sure I perform to my fullest if that’s making sure I have eaten well and that I have everything I need. Lastly, her commitment to me and the team never stopped. She was at almost every practice with great advice and teachings for us that she once learned from her ringette coaches. That is why I gave my mom, as well as coach, the pin on my nationals medal.”

  • Tilly Lister


U19 Team Alberta (Calgary Combat)

Sydnie Rock said she gave a pin to a previous Coach, Coach Tori. Coach Tori didn’t coach her this year as she was coaching U16AA but had coached Sydnie for several years before. This was to say thanks for the mentorship Coach Tori had provided to Sydnie over the years.


“I gave one pin to my Mom because she’s always been my #1 fan and she gives me so much support to make it all possible. I gave the other pin to my Uncle John and Aunt Carolyn because they supported me so much during nationals. They live in Halifax and usually have to cheer for me from afar. But this time they got to be part of the action. They helped us so much during the week. They hosted us at their house to rest up before and after nationals, loaned us appliances for our team room, gave us their other car to borrow for the week, and they also drove 2.5 hours back and forth from Halifax to Dieppe every day to cheer on my team to the gold. It was really special to have them at CRCs and share my gold medal with them.”

  • Megan Sterchi


U19 Team New Brunswick 


“I gave my pin on my medal to my role model and the person who followed me all from U10 to U19 and never left my side.”


“I gave one of my pins to my best friend from another team. I gave her a pin because she’s become an important part of my life, thanks to ringette. I am truly grateful to have her supporting me even if we’re playing against each other. No matter what I know she’s rooting for me and my success. Watching her play and seeing her hard work motivates me to be even better. At the end of the day, she was a positive influence throughout the whole tournament and was always there for me so I wanted to show my appreciation.”


“I gave my pin to a girl I started coaching this year as a token of appreciation and motivation for the next generation for when she will hopefully play at CRC in the future. This was my first year of coaching at the same time as playing and I truly enjoyed coaching which helped me become a better teammate for my team and learn different things.”


Edmonton WAM! (NRL)


“It was an amazing moment for me to be able to present my grandparents with our gold medal pins this season.  They have been two of my biggest supporters every step of the way, rarely missing a game. Not being able to make the trip this year for National was beyond upsetting for them, but coming home and being able to share this incredible achievement with this something we will each be able to cherish forever. It is an expression of gratitude and recognition for the part they played in our championship win.  Constantly supporting myself and our team and being able to share that with them this way is such a unique gesture of appreciation, one that makes our sport extra special.” 

  • Vail Ketsa

“I gave a pin to our ambassador Erica. I didn’t know if she’d get a medal or not and she had a collection of pins on her admission badge.” 

  • Jamie Bell


“I gave my pins to my mom and my dad. Without my parents I wouldn’t have been able to see the opportunities I have in both my athletic career and my personal life. Their support, dedication and sacrifices have helped me become the athlete I am.  Winning the championship was a testament to the hard work shown by our team and myself. By giving them these pins, I am able to share this accomplishment with them and present them as a small token to show how grateful and appreciative I am for my parents.”

  • Gillian Dreger


“I gave my pins to my parents because they paid for all my minor ringette and came all the way to Halifax as well as supporting me all season.”

  • Kaeli Woodliffe

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