The World Ringette Championships kicked off with 3 matches


By sonjasjo on October 31, 2022

World Ringette Championships kicked off with a match in between Czech and USA, who showed their scoring skills in the first President’s Pool match. The Junior Pool teams faced off for the first time since 2019.

Campbell Schnurr shoots at goal. Kuva: Timo Kupiainen


Czech and USA open the WRC with a high scoring game

Both teams managed to control the ring during the first period but USA was able to score first. Campbell Schnurr scored the first goal of the match after only about five minutes. USA got into the flow of scoring and the first period ended 0-3 and the second already 0-7 for the guest team.

Both teams got penalties during the second half of the game and Czech was able to make use of the power play. The Czechs scored three times during the third period due to USA sitting on the penalty bench. USA was able to take over the match again in the fourth period and three players ended up scoring three times: Schnurr, Nyah Bodnarchuk and Hilary Davidson. The match ended 3-14 for USA.

– It was our first game, we’re getting ready for the weekend. Saturday is what matters, Czech player Thea Cazzanti said after the game.

– We communicated, we looked for open players and we gave it all our heart, Cazzanti said whole-heartedly.

– It was so great to be back after a longer wait. Our biggest focus was working together and we made sure we worked as a unit instead of individuals. We need to go to the next game with no expectations, Haley Wickens from Team USA said after the game.

Karolina Kosinová was awarded as the Most Valuable Player for the Czech team and Cadence Pirtle for Team USA.


Finland Jr kicks the tournament off with a win

Finland Jr and Canada Jr faced off for the first time in an exhibition game. The game started with a fast pace and both teams held control of the ring. Finland’s Minka Tiihonen scored the first goal of the game after eight minutes. After that the Canadian’s took a few penalties but were able to keep the goal clean for the four minutes. The second period started with the Finns on the lead by one goal but they were able to score twice before the long period break.

Finland had a quick start to the fourth period as Essi Sarmala went to score for the fourth time. Canada Jr succeeded in scoring for the first time soon after that as Vail Ketsa scored. Emma Kelly took the score to 4-2 only 30 seconds after Ketsa’s goal. Finland Jr took a time-out, which turned out to be as smart move as they didn’t let Canada’s quick goals get to them and Mette Nurminen scored right after. The fourth period started with penalties for both teams but both teams managed to keep their nets empty for the remainder of the game. The final score was 6-2 for Finland Jr.

– It is very nice to finally start the tournament we have been waiting for so long. This was a pretty good start, Finland Jr’s Enni Ojala told after the game,

– We were good at scoring and our goalkeeper was very good as well, Ojala said.

– I definitely think it was a good learning point for us, Emma Kelly from Canada Jr mused after the match.

– I think that the team did and our for-checking is something that Canada has always been known for and that was one of our best things we did today, Kelly summed up.

The Most Valuable Player awards we’re given to Finland’s Minka Tiihonen and Canada’s Emma Kelly.

Czech faced second loss of the day against Sweden

Sweden took a convincing win from Team Czech. Kuva: Timo Kupiainen

The second President’s Pool match of the day was also the second game of the day for Team Czech. The Czech’s faced Sweden in the match where they took the second loss of the tournament.

The game took off quickly as Czech scored the opening goal of the game. The first period was physical and quite even but ended in Sweden’s 2-1 lead. The second period started with Sweden controlling the game as Anna Norrbom scored quickly. The period was heavy in penalties and both teams were able to take advantage of power play. Sweden was on the lead with score 7-3 by the end of the second period.

Sweden continued in control during the third period as well while the Czech goalkeeper Kateřina Prokešová was working hard to keep the goal empty. However, Sweden did start the fourth period in a clear 10-3 lead. The Czech’s put up a fight until the last minute, but Sweden did not let go of the control. As the game was coming to an end and only one second remained on the clock, Norrbom scored for the third time, finishing the game off to a 13-5 win for Sweden.

– We had a bit of a rough start but in a while we got there and played our own game. We know that we have the dynamic on the ice after this one game and we’re sunken into the WRC-bubble, Team Sweden’s Nilla Wernersson said after the game.

– We are really happy with the outcome. It’s the second game of the day and we improved so much from the first and we’re just ready to improve more for Wednesday’s game, Thea Cazzanti from Team Czech said in a positive tone after the game.

Most Valuable Players of the game were Sarah Esmail for Team Sweden and Thea Cazzanti for Team Czech.

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