Our Foundational Statements

OUR MISSION: Ringette Canada is the national sport organization that governs, promotes, and leads the development of ringette.

OUR VISION: To be the world leader in growing ringette.

OUR VALUES: Ringette Canada has defined a core set of business values to enhance our work and strengthen our relationships.The following business values, along with our adherence to the True Sport principles, reflect our passion for, and our shared commitment to the sport of ringette.

Ringette Canada and the National Ringette League are True Sport members and adhere to the True Sport principles [pdf]. More information on the True Sport Movement can be found at www.truesportpur.ca


  • Innovation: We invest wisely. We take chances and manage risks. We are stewards of the game.
  • Collaboration: We are in this together. We include diverse perspective to enrich our experience. We purposefully create a safe and welcoming work environment.
  • Accountability: When we live our values, we manage and lead with integrity. We operate with transparency and communicate proactively. We take responsibility for our actions and learn from our mistakes.
  • Respect: For the game. For the rules. For our heritage. For each other.
  • Excellence: We demand quality. We offer world leading programs and services. We bring our best to each situation.

Ringette Canada Strategic Plan 2019-2022


The power of True Sport

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